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What has Healthwatch Southend been doing?

Updated: Mar 28

We're pleased to publish our Annual Report for 2022-23. The regulations relating to Healthwatch mean we have to do this each year and share it at a national level. However, we think it is more important to let the people of Southend know what we have been doing on their behalf.

We've looked at the problems you face in finding an NHS dentist. We've listened to the views of deaf people about seeing a GP. Hundreds of you have asked us for advice about local services. We've been to many community meetings to hear your experiences. All this is fed into meetings with the NHS and Southend Council - we use your stories to let the people in charge know what works well and what could be improved.

Without hearing your stories, we can't push for change. Keep letting us know the successes and challenges you face.

You can download, read and share our Annual Report by clicking on the link below:

Healthwatch Southend Annual Report 2022-23 Final
Download PDF • 1.45MB

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