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Elderly relative? Worried about them having a fall?

Updated: Mar 28

Falling as we get older is quite common and although most falls don't cause serious injury, they can really dent confidence, causing distress or embarrassment. Worse still, they can threaten people’s confidence.

Local NHS data shows that the risk of falling increases in the springtime.

The good news is the new guide shows there’s lots of things people can do to reduce the risk and help them stay steady on their feet.

To help prevent falls in the home, NHS Mid and South Essex has joined forces with a number of other local partners and experts to launch a new guide advising how to avoid the most common causes of slips and falls.

‘Fall Proof’, a 12-page booklet highlights a checklist of actions to take to reduce the risk of falling, including sections on trip hazards, hydration, balance, blood pressure, eyesight and exercise.

Residents can also visit to access information on how to reduce their risk of falling by doing simple movements at home, keeping them strong and steady.

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