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A little window into my COVID-19 lockdown

Updated: May 9, 2023

My name is Jan and I volunteer for HWS. They asked me to write a little bit about my own personal experience during the initial coronavirus lock-down. I hope you enjoy the read.

Good intentions

At the beginning of Lockdown I was a very enthusiastic cleaner, cupboard sorter, gardener and intent on catching up with all the jobs that can easily be put off when you have better and more interesting things to do with your life. Unfortunately the enthusiasm wore off fairly quickly and lethargy set in. There was always tomorrow.

Adapting to keep in touch

Initially there were new things to learn, Zoom so I could carry on with Yoga and see friends. Keeping in touch with the volunteering I did, going for daily walks and chatting to the friends I don’t always have the time to catch up with, and although I have continued with those things I found the lack of human company became quite difficult. If you live alone and are usually a fairly sociable person, to not touch another human being for a couple of months can become very depressing. Thankfully as things became easier and family could visit depression lifted.

Thank you

I think we are all grateful to every key worker that kept life going for us while we were at home, and I hope we remember what they did when life returns to normality. I don’t think criticising the decisions made are helpful to anyone as this was something that has never happened before, and hopefully won’t happen again. I feel positive life will return.

Jan has supported HWS for a number of years. Not only is she one of our Enter & View reps, she has helped us out on a number of occasions with engagement and is an integral part of our team. Thank you so much... SAF

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