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We need your help; Carers' experiences of general practice

Updated: Mar 28

If you are an unpaid carer, what's it like having an appointment for yourself?

Healthwatch Southend is your local voice when it comes to NHS or social care. We are a free, independent service, based in the city and we’re here to help you and listen to your experiences.

Lots of local people have been telling about their experiences of getting a GP appointment.We know that carers have enough on their plates without having to struggle to get through on the phone.But is your appointment then meeting your needs?

If you live in Southend and are an unpaid carer, we would like to hear your experiences of making a GP appointment for yourself and your actual consultation. We will collect all the feedback you give us and ask the NHS to make improvements where necessary. Tell us about the good things as well! This is not about the person you care for, important as they are. We want to know about you.

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