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Need help and support, perhaps after being discharged in hospital ?

Updated: Mar 28

How to access help at home from your local community hubs

A lady delivering groceries to a resident.

If you, or someone you know needs help and support to access essentials like food, prescriptions to keep you well, perhaps after being discharged from hospital, your local community hub is there to support you. These people are the everyday superheroes in your local area, and usually it will take just a single phone call or email to get things started.

Perhaps you’ve recently returned from hospital and you don’t have any shopping at home? Your local hub can arrange for someone to fetch some basic essentials and groceries for you, and they’ll also be happy to pop to the chemist if you have any prescriptions.

If you don’t have any gas or electricity and are unable to top up your pre-payment meter, just let them know and they will do their best to help.

The hubs can also help signpost to local mental health support.

This is all just a small taste of why the people at your local community hub are your local community superstars, and to get in touch with them you can find the details below.

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