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HWS share NHS Digital News - Collecting GP data

Updated: Mar 28

NHS Digital's improved collection of GP data will support vital health and care planning and research. How and why your data is being used? What to do if you don't want your data shared.

Advice for the Public

Use of your GP data for planning and research – act by 23 June 2021

A new system is being introduced to capture data from general practices in England. As part of this, some items of data can be shared for planning new services or developing new drugs or treatments – such as the Covid-19 vaccines. Obviously the more people who allow their data to be shared, the better the outcomes for patients. You have the right to decide whether to allow some facts about you to be used like this.

If you do not want your GP to share your identifiable patient data for purposes except for your own care, you can opt-out by registering a Type 1 Opt-out. This prevents your data being shared with NHS Digital if you register your opt-out before 23 June 2021. You can still register your opt-out at any time after this date and it will prevent any more data being shared with NHS Digital.

You can read more at the NHS Digital website below

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