Help people in your community have their say on health and social care

Our volunteers play a vital role speaking to local people about their experiences and giving them opportunities to share their views and ideas for how services can improve. Many of our volunteers spend time in our community finding out what people think of local services and raising awareness of Healthwatch Southend.

After spending most of my life in and out of hospital, I want to help make a difference and improve services for people.

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What can I do as a volunteer?

Our volunteers help us in a number of ways. Whether you have an hour to spare or you're looking for a more regular committment, there are a range of ways you can get involved.  We train some of our volunteers to visit health and social care services and report on people's experiences. You might be observing the service, gathering the views of patients, residents and staff, and contributing to reports which highlight your findings.

As a volunteer, you could be attending community events to raise awareness of Healthwatch Southend and encourage people to share their feedback on health and social care in our community.

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Find out how you can support the local community effort against Coronavirus.

Southend-on-Sea Borough Council, Southend Association, of Voluntary Services (SAVS), South Essex Community Hubs (SECH), - and a host of wonderful volunteers from across the borough, who have signed up to support people in the community with their needs at this time.

Could you volunteer and work with the organisations above to help others?  If you are healthy, young and not pregnant, and would be able to help those who need it near you, then please do consider volunteering. Just fill in the short form and a representative will contact you to discuss how you might be able to help.

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Volunteer FD at the Royals 2019

Read our volunteer stories.

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Meet our volunteers

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Meet our volunteers and find out more about what they do.

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Why do I volunteer?    I wanted to give back to the NHS health service that has done so much for my family and Healthwatch Southend gave me that opportunity...

                                                                                                           Jan S.