GP Website Survey Report - New Patient Registration Information

Healthwatch Southend undertook a mystery shopper exercise to see what information local practice websites held for patients seeking to register as new patients.
new pt reg form


This began as part of our work to support people who are homeless, but the implications affect a wider section of the population.

The work was undertaken by staff and volunteers from August 2020 onwards.  Practice websites were reviewed to see what new patients were told about the process and whether documentation was required.  Where the website lacked information, a call was made to the practice to ascertain their practice policy.

Key Findings

  • We found that four practices still lacked websites despite us flagging this to the CCG earlier in the year. 
  • A number of practices insisted on new patients providing proof of address, such as a utility bill, and photographic ID.  The latter goes against NHSEs Primary Medical Care Policy and Guidance Manual, which states that this can discriminate against some patients.
  • Some practices had information in languages other than English to help new patients register.  Unfortunately the text of these factsheets contradicted the practice’s own policy. 


GP Website Survey Report - New Patient Registration Information

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