Advisory Board minutes March 2019

Our Advisory Board met to discuss local Health and Social care issues and how these can be improved locally.
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Discussion of STP development, connecting with communities, raising awareness of Autism and the NHS Long term plan.

Key Notes

  • NHS Long Term Plan - £2500 available to each HW to gather views of NHS LTP. Working in partnership with HW Thurrock (Lead Coordinating HW) and HW Essex.
  • Plans afoot to change format of PPGF & CEAG due to draft Comms and Engagement Strategy from CCG.
  • STP Development – Plans ongoing, public and residents in Southend still not able to clearly understand the implications. Referred back to SofS


  • GP appointments and access to them 
  • Not being able to see same GP 
  • EPUT Therapy for You waiting times and offer of group sessions – one-to-one preferred. 
  • Waiting times for Blood Tests 
  • ASD Diagnoses waiting times 
  • Parking charges at SUFT 
  • Waiting time for referral to consultant once diagnoses made 
  • Unable to get Eye Clinic, Physiotherapy and X Ray Dept at SUFT, on phone, 
  • Revised SHARPS collections has changed and unable to be collected form patient homes now – will be collected from Surgeries/Pharmacies – awaiting clarification.


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