Patient Participation Group Forum Minutes April 2017

The Southend Patient Participation Group Forum recently met to discuss local Health and Social care issues and how these can be improved locally.
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Discussion of local Health and Social Care issues particualrly focusing on Ambulance care and service restrictions.

Key Notes

  • There are several control rooms that manage the demand of the 999 calls, Ambulance service have 4,000 staff and 1,000 volunteers. There are 160 staff located in the 4 stations – Southend, Rayleigh, Canvey and Shoebury. 2017/2018 aim to reach 10% of all calls – hear and treat, pass to clinician to give verbal information. 35% SE Essex physical response treated in community, 65% responses taken to A&E.
  • Longer transfer time which means the ambulance will be out of service for longer and it could be that a southend ambulance then gets a call out to a Basildon patient if they are nearer. Southend has always been a challenge with its budget as based on population and not visitors and with a long coast line this causes a strain on budgets.
  • Policies have been reviewed over the last 6 months including hip/knee replacement surgery – proposal was if obese BMI40 had to loose weight before surgery.


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