Our Advisory Group Chair

Dr David Bowry

We are excited to introduce Dr David Bowry as new Chair of the Healthwatch Southend Advisory Group.  David brings a wealth of experience in health and social care services and of working with the voluntary sector.

 01702 416320  



Our Advisory Group members

Mark Flewitt 

Mark brings to the Board a unique blend of local government experience (formerly a local councillor) and a raft of pragmatic life experiences to help keep Healthwatch informed on social care and broader health issues.

He has, been the lead member for Children services and has served on the Adoption and Fostering Panels, as an active member. Having served as a magistrate, Mark understands the need to listen and always remembers that things are not often as presented!

Mark adds, “ This kind of public service is so rewarding, especially if, you can really help make a difference to people’s lives and offer comfort at a time of chaos in their’s. I seek to always offer sincere support.”

Our Advisory Group currently has vacancies.  We are recruiting to these volunteer positions and welcome enquires to discuss these roles in more detail.  We look forward to your call or email, contact details below.

 01702 416320  


Past Advisory Group papers

We make the papers for our public Advisory Group (formerly Advisory Board)  meetings available online. We also publish a summary of what was discussed. Check out our past meetings to read more.

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