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Local residents urged to keep active this winter

Updated: Mar 28

To mark ‘Self Care Week 2022,’ the local NHS, in partnership with Active Essex, is promoting several resources and opportunities to help people move about more, without breaking the bank.

Dr Anna Davey, local GP leader for Mid and South Essex Integrated Care System said: “Regular exercise makes you feel energetic, research also suggests moderate activity can strengthen the immune system and reduce the risk of coughs and colds.  

“We are really keen to highlight how important it is to stay active this winter throughout Self Care Week 2022, we are delighted to have partnered with Active Essex to deliver this message.

“There are so many different options that there is bound to be something that everyone can enjoy, I would urge everyone to visit local NHS website to find out how they can get involved.”

To find out more information visit the keeping active page

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