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GP access data - Oct/Nov 2022

Updated: Mar 28

NHS digital produce this information monthly.

We’ve looked at the data about GP appointments in Southend for the month of November 2022. There were 5% more appointments with a GP, compared to October 2022. There are more face to face appointments with a GP in Southend on average (74%) than across England as a whole (60%). Two-thirds of these are on the day you contact your GP, or the following day. GPs are using the phone much less for consultations – a drop from about 16,000 in November 2021 to about 8,000. Over a 1,000 people did not keep their appointment with a GP during November.

We formatted the data into an easy read format to reflect our locality.

GP activity data slidesctnov2022uploaded160123
Download PPTX • 254KB

The publication includes important information, however it does not show the totality of GP activity/workload. The data presented only contains information which was captured on the GP practice systems. This limits the activity reported on and does not represent all work happening within a primary care setting or assess the complexity of activity.

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