Praise for our local NHS Hospital from a Southend resident

We receive a variety of feedback from residents on many local NHS health and social services throughout the year. We sought permission to share the contents of a letter we were copied into recently, praising Southend Hospital and staff for their care and compassion of a patient towards the end of their life. Healthcare is an industry that can directly affect people’s lives at their most vulnerable moments.

They wrote:

"I am writing to say how impressed I and my family were by the care given to my 96-year-old mother during the last 2-3 weeks of her life from the staff on Stambridge ward in Southend Hospital.  I observed conscientious clinical care combined with a very high standard of personalised nursing care.  For example, not only were observations, drips, medications etc. administered but they were always completed with smiles, care and compassion.

The nurses and assistants on each occasion spoke to her and when she was confused or agitated they remained professional calm and overwhelmingly caring. They regularly ensured she was properly positioned within the bed, that her breathing etc. was comfortable. Despite being completely bedridden and with very limited movement she had not a single indication of a bedsore. She received from the ward Sister and her team the gift of physical and emotional security making the last weeks of her life as comfortable and happy as was possible and I will always be grateful to them for this.

I noted not only the high standard of care being given to her but to all the patients on that sideward, the staff were very quick to respond to all the patient's request in the same unfailingly positive, patient and caring manner as they did to my mother. My impression was that the level of staffing on the ward was better than on some other wards I have seen over recent years and that each member worked unflinchingly whatever their status." 

                                                                                                       Southend Resident  X

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