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Public Health England survey for the trans community


Public Health England are seeking the views of the trans community on reproductive health. It is the first and most diverse trans survey about reproductive health of its kind seen in the UK.

Below is a link to the survey and some more information    

Survey link HERE


PHE is inviting all self-identified trans people (and those with a trans history) in the UK over the age of 16 to take part in the first and most diverse trans survey about reproductive health of its kind seen in the UK.

 The aim of the survey is to gain a better understanding of trans people’s experiences, preferences and needs for reproductive health and healthcare to inform future PHE work in this area.

 It has been developed with input from trans community organisations to try and make the language and questions inclusive of the diverse identities and experiences in the trans community.

 Questions the survey will cover:

As part of the Reproductive Health scope, questions will cover topics such as contraception, physical symptoms such as heavy periods or erectile dysfunction, pregnancy (childbirth, abortion and problems getting pregnant), fertility, screening (like cervical smears), the menopause, sexual enjoyment and relationships.

The survey will also ask questions on sex, reproduction, reproductive organs, hormones, transition related surgeries, and domestic abuse, which may trigger uncomfortable memories or resurface issues. These questions are optional and participation in the survey is voluntary.

 How the survey works:

For the purposes of this survey,  the term trans is as an umbrella term to embrace the diverse range of identities outside the traditional male/female definitions. These include transgender, gender fluid and non-binary.

The survey will take between 30 minutes to an hour to finish and the information provided is completely anonymous and confidential.

Some questions may appear or disappear on certain pages, depending on how you answer previous questions. This is done to make sure questions that are answered are relevant to the person filling out the survey. If this occurs, the page will reload and refresh. This may occur more than once on some pages.

Answers are completely anonymous and no one outside the study team will be able to see them.




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Our office hours are 9am-5pm (Monday-Friday). Outside of these hours you can call and leave a message.